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Innovating life science logistics
from lab to patient 

s.lab healthcare is specialized in fast and reliable biopharma logistics as well as advanced tracking systems to provide complete visibility and traceability throughout the entire logistics journey.

Advanced life science shipment
with high resilience and flexibility

With a deep commitment to scientific integrity and healthcare excellence, we provide an innovative end-to-end logistics service that ensures the reliable delivery of biological specimens, vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, and medical devices from laboratory to patient.
clinical trial medical product

Clinical Trial

blood sample delivery

Biological Sample

bio pharma

Commercial biopharma

medical device delivery

Medical device

air transport pharma

Air/Ocean transport

ground transport

Ground transport

last mile delivery pharma

Last mile delivery

clinical trial logistics

Clinical trial

Clinical trial logistics frequently entail cross-border shipments, which, when coupled with the intricacies of diverse international regulatory entities, can pose significant time constraints for clinical trial coordinators, investigators, and healthcare professionals.

Biological sample

Biological sample logistics involves properly collecting and labeling samples from participants. Samples are packaged securely and transported to designated laboratories or storage facilities following strict protocols to maintain sample integrity and traceability.

bio sample delivery
cryogenic dry shipper slab

Patient-centered therapy

This special logistics requires the development of optimal shipping conditions, packaging materials, and tracking systems. Seeking guidance from logistics experts specialized in patient-centered therapy is important for a smooth process during late-stage clinical production.

Commercial biopharma

We enhance biosimilars logistics on a global scale through continuous temperature monitoring, well-documented transit custody, and a vast worldwide network of advanced, direct-controlled service centers. These measures ensure the provision of end-to-end, quality-assured supply chain services for bulk size biopharmaceuticals.

Reefer container for pharma

We are Cold Chain Experts

Our proprietary cold chain solutions are qualified to industry standards, ensuring that they meet the necessary criteria for temperature control and product protection. We have conducted extensive temperature profiling studies to validate the effectiveness of our packaging solutions in maintaining the required temperature range.
cold chain package

Robust Cold Chain

long cool life

Longer than
120 hrs

temperature range


data logger

Real Time
Data Logger

By choosing slab healthcare, you can gain peace of mind knowing that your critical healthcare goods are in the hands of experts who are committed to their safe and timely delivery. 
ISTA 7D summer profile
greenie medi package

Temperature monitoring

Real-time temperature data that are recorded during transportation is safely stored in the cloud and easily alerted to or monitored by logistics managers.

slabhealthcare network

Pickup request made easy

s.lab "Healthcare BIZ" allows you to organize your shipment in the most convenient way possible. Hospitals easily request pick-up orders and track their shipment status on the phone. 

slab healthrecare driver
ISTA 7D winter

Packaging solutions

Maintaining a specific temperature until reaching the final destination is the essential factor in delivering pharmaceuticals. slab healthcare provides multi-use or single-use packages for your transport needs.

temp monitoring ttl

Cross-border logistics

slab healthcare has developed a strong logistics network and partnerships in the APAC and other regions to facilitate cross-border transportation of time-and-temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals. Additionally, we have designed and developed innovative shipper boxes and real-time loggers to enhance reliability in the region.

Shipping countries: S.Korea, US, Japan, China, India, Taiwan, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Brazil, Türkiye, Indonesia

Healthcare pickup request

Sustainability driven

slab healthcare aims to make pharma logistics more sustainable. We use electric vehicles to reduce carbon emission and reusable cold chain packages instead of Styrofoam to reduce waste. These sustainable practices contribute to the overall goal of reducing the environmental impact of healthcare logistics 

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About us

Since founded in 2014, S.Lab Asia has been providing cold chain logistics services and innovative end-to-end SCM visibility solutions in Asia.

We are specialized in integrating H/W and S/W cold chain technology for pharmaceutical companies to elevate the competitiveness of their supply chain.

S.Lab Asia’s HQ and global offices

South korea

S. Korea (HQ)






The number one player of the Covid-19 vaccine distribution market in Korea


Greenie Lab acquired ISTA 7D/7E certification

Provided a logistic service of tranporting human blood and tissue sample oversea


Launched a pharma logistic business for pharmaceutical company and retailers in Korea

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