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Commercial Biopharma Logistics

Staying ahead of market trends and finding the most expedient path for shipping your pharmaceutical API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) or finished products has been a key success to us. slab healthcare has established a specialized team in Korea to handle API or commercial biopharma logistics seamlessly.

pharma API
commercial biopharma

Challenges of API and commercial products logistics

  • Maintaining the required temperature range during transportation, storage, and handling is crucial to preserving the integrity and efficacy of the APIs.

  • Compliance with Good Distribution Practices (GDP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and other regulatory standards adds complexity to the logistics process.

  • Managing a global supply chain involves navigating complex import/export regulations, customs procedures, and potential delays at borders.

  • APIs may require specialized packaging, such as moisture-resistant or light-resistant containers, to maintain their stability.

Air transport

Best-in-class efficiency

  • Utilization of the most efficient global transport routes

  • Direct cross border shipment without hub transit

  • Rapid customs clearance

  • Provide validated packaging, including on-site packing by experts

Performance analysis

  • Provide self-serving dashboard reporting from order to departure to final delivery

  • Compare the performance among freight forwarders in terms of on-time delivery and temperature management

  • Suggesting cost saving opportunities in duties & VAT, and identifying potential hidden costs

Performance tracking
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