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Patient-Centered Therapy Logistics

With the expansion of personal therapies, researchers now have an increasing need for dependable logistical support. The transportation of these therapies has become crucial for patient care and manufacturing efficiency.

cell & gene slab logistics
liquid tank slab healthcare

The logistical support for personal therapy also needs to be highly efficient in delivering each therapy to individual patients. Traditional cold supply chains have had to adapt to meet the technical requirements of laboratories and manufacturers.

This adaptation includes incorporating new packaging innovations, exploring new storage options, and validating the cold supply chain. These considerations are essential for the development of reliable logistics support.


By maintaining the therapy's integrity throughout the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the physician and ultimately to the patients, it ensures that the therapy is easily usable upon arrival in the clinical setting.

  • Temperature-controlled logistics

  • Chain of custody / Chain of identity

  • Validated packages and vehicles

  • Time critical - exactly at the right time.

  • Direct-to/from-patient

  • Speedy customs clearing

  • Dangerous goods transport

  • GMP and GDP compliant

Embryonic Stem Cells
chain of custody

Chain of custody/identity

  • Preserving the highest possible viability and function of biological samples during transportation requires a strict adherence to a chain of custody. This is of utmost importance for all samples, with special emphasis on those that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Logistics solutions for patient-centered therapy

  • Qualified warehousing to meet small to large scale demand

  • Ambient, 2-8, -20, -80 degree and Liquid Nitrogen temperature-controlled storage

  • 24-hour continuous temperature monitoring with real-time visibility

  • Up to same day stock call-off and delivery

Cryogenic logistics
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