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s.lab healthcare BIZ

Easy Pickup Scheduling
Real-Time Tracking

s.lab "Healthcare BIZ" allows you to organize your shipment in the most convenient way possible. Hospitals easily request pick-up orders and track their shipment status on their phone. 

healthcare delivery app
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Hassle-free Communication

Healthcare delivery should not be complicated. Anyone across pharmaceuticals, hospitals, patients, and CROs should have the effortless ability to initiate a pickup order using their phone, allowing them to monitor the arrival of the driver and track the current location of the package. 

pickup request

Schedule a pickup

  • We make a contract for your shipping project with a secure and cost-effective approach.

  • Anyone in the project can make a pickup order simply by selecting date and time on the app

  • s.lab healthcare specialist is on hand 24/7 to guarantee your delivery requirements are fulfilled. 

Let driver pack & deliver

  • The app indicates the arrival of a courier driver for your scheduled pickup 

  • Hand over the temperature-sensitive bio products to the driver then he/she will pack them with the right cold chain packaging box and data logger

  • The recipient receives a notification once the driver departs from the pickup location.

driver cold chain package
track shipment

Track your delivery

  • Track your shipments in real-time from pickup to delivery

  • Our traceable digital chain of custody provides you with assurance and documentation for compliance.

  • Upon successful delivery, you'll receive confirmation notifications in form of photos or signatures.

Organize all shipments

  • CROs or pharmaceutical companies can remain informed regarding the progress of all shipments

  • Organizer can easily monitor delivery performance and temperature deviation from the web

  • A easy way for calculating the overall shipment expenses during the clinical trial

delivery management

Benefits of 'Healthcare BIZ'

on time delivery

Timely pickup
& delivery

convenient delivery

Convenient service
Reasonable costs

Enhance satisfaction

Satisfy your customer

Time efficiency

Communicate with
higher efficiency

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