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Different regulations and quality standards by countries
Pharma companies mandatorily comply with the country's regulations and quality standards to manufacture pharmaceutical products. Shippers are required to maintain complete records of shipment status that are easily accessible for regulatory review.
Diversified supply chain management
Pharma is among the hardest-hit sectors from the bullwhip effect, due to the high shipment values involved, perishability of the product, and often the urgency in getting raw materials and intermediate products where they’re needed quickly.

Critical Challenges Facing Pharma Supply Chains

Quality assurance in shipping environment
The quality assurance of finished pharmaceutical products is subject to the shipping time, cost, environment, and other factors specific to each country.
Inability to easily predict potential disruptive events.
Temperature deviations, or “excursions” of even a single degree or two beyond acceptable ranges during transit, or exposure to moisture, can render a shipment unusable, potentially triggering millions of dollars in losses.

Our solution

s.lab healthcare AI Command Center

slab healthcare

Platform Architecture

Automated Resilience Solution

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Trade off analysis system

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry for ensuring the quality and safety of the products. However, not many companies have digitalized their SOPs yet.

In emergencies, our AI Command Center can provide a real-time Plan B option based on a thorough analysis of the company’s digitalized SOPs, allowing for prompt and accurate decision-making

trande off analysis
training data

Artificial intelligence
and machine learning

With internal and external integrated data and behavioral analysis from SOPs' optimal decision-making actions, our Training Model will learn all occurring data in the company to develop a company's own Artificial Intelligence model.

Training model will suggest the most best options for shipping lanes, packaging options, service levels, and shipping days for your pharma product.

Resilience system

Resilience system not only does it predict the probability of temperature excursion points, but it can also estimate the exact time for temperature excursion.

Through the analysis of multiple supply chain variables, the system can identify the best routing to develop potential risk prevention measures by detecting errors in the supply chain.

automatic suggestion
early warning

Automated decisions and actions

Pharma companies can utilize our solution to provide automated decision-making and pre-prepared plans in an emergency.

Furthermore, with integrated supply chain management, C-Levels can use our AI Command Center to establish supply chain strategies to execute the company’s future key metrics, thereby anticipating the business growth

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