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Clinical Trial / Bio Sample Logistics

To successfully manage clinical trial logistics, a strong supply chain network and standardized operational processes are essential. Additionally, when it comes to cross-border delivery, thorough planning, compliance with regulations, and meticulous handling are necessary to guarantee the samples' safety and integrity.

blood sample collection
bio sample logistics

slab healthcare specializes in providing comprehensive end-to-end clinical trial supply and biological sample logistics service in APAC, tailoring to meet the unique requirements of your trial. Here are some key considerations for the successful clinical trial research.

  • Offering fast and flexible pickup options to ensure that samples are collected promptly and conveniently.

  • Specialized in single or multi-use packaging to deliver temperature-controlled hazardous/dangerous goods.

  • Fully compliant with local, regional, and IATA regulations and having extensive country-specific customs clearance expertise

  • Single point of contact and streamlined communication under full visibility

Scientist with Test Tubes
blood sample logistics

Precision, time, and accuracy

  • Arrangement of the most efficient transport routes across Asia Pacific

  • Direct cross-border flight without hub transit for time-critical delivery

  • Same day customs clearance

  • On-site packing by experts with validated packaging

Convenient mobile experience

  • s.lab provides self-serving mobile app for booking pick-up schedule

  • Hospital or clinical researcher know when a driver can arrive for pick-up

  • Track and trace of cross-border journey

  • Get a Proof of Delivery photo from the app when delivery completed

mobile pick up
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