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The healthcare service is evolving to make it more convenient for individuals to receive clinical trial services at home. This shift includes advancements in the logistics of decentralized clinical trials. S-Lab Healthcare is offering 'Direct-to/from-Patient' services both locally and globally.


These services involve directly delivering investigational medical products from depots to patients' homes and conducting visits to patients' residences as per their schedules to collect samples

deliver to patient
direct-to-patient DtP

In order to carry out patient-centered pharmaceutical logistics (Direct-to/from-Patient), effective communication with the patient or clinical participants is essential for the accurate delivery and collection of items.

  • To accommodate the varying locations and situations of participants and patients, it's important to have logistics personnel and trial facility staff available to ensure the flexible delivery of medications and collection of samples.

  • In cases where sample collection is necessary from participants or patients, healthcare service providers and logistics personnel collaborate closely. They share schedules and work together to perform home visits, covering the entire process from collecting samples to packaging.

  • Transportation should utilize pre-validated packaging to ensure that a suitable temperature is maintained throughout, allowing for a relaxed timeframe even if a significant waiting period before delivery to the patient is encountered.

  • In line with the schedule of the entire clinical trial, the registration of pickup and delivery locations is crucial for the systematic execution of logistics. Furthermore, the ability to receive electronic confirmation of delivery (PoD) from the patient and manage temperature records during transit must be upheld.

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