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Stay Ahead, Stay Visible.
Transform your supply chain with visibility

s.lab healthcare's supply chain visibility solution is fully integrated with a pharmaceutical logistic system  – so you can control your entire supply chain to minimize risk and maximize efficiency

Single source of truth

Supply Chain Visibility

With better visibility into your supply chain, you will have an unbroken chain of data that not only means just information, but also leads you to meaningful analysis of the situation and better, as well as timely decisions.
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Reporting and Dashboard

The ability to monitor shipments in real-time means that if something that could affect the product in transit happens, a decision can be taken to mitigate or prevent it. 

The resulting actions are avoiding delay or correcting temperature, redirecting a shipment along a better route, preventing the distribution of a damaged product, or comparing the performance of forwarders and carriers. The above three benefits help businesses save time and money, leading to a better ROI.

scm analytics view
supply chain dashboard

Real-time alerting

In pharmaceutical supply chains, real-time tracking of temperature and location is a top priority. 

Creating real-time alerts and end-to-end visibility through a robust mix of trackers and software systems provides the high level insight needed to significantly reduce temperature excursions and to prevent shipment delays. 

Root cause analysis

Investigating the root cause of temperature excursion during the transportation costs a lot. Also, it is hard to investigate the root cause in the QC laboratory chamber because the environment of the chamber cannot reflect the actual circumstances of the transportation.  

By combining all of real-time environmental data, transportation tracking data and temperature data, s.lab healthcare makes it easy to investigate why temperature excursion happened and to prevent the same failures in the future. 

shipment detail for pharma
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Sustainable pharma supply chain

Measure the carbon emissions of complex supply chains. Calculate the aggregate climate impact of freight transport, shipment flows, and logistical energy consumption along your overall supply chain.

carbon emission from supply chain operation
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