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[s.lab healthcare Biz] Clinical logistics made easy

Managing the logistics of clinical and non-clinical pharmaceuticals/samples across the global region is becoming increasingly complex. But, s.lab healthcare Biz platform ensures that the sender, driver, receiver, and organizer are all kept informed about global or domestic shipments, including pick-up requests, deliveries, and temperature monitoring.

s.lab healthcare Biz is designed to make healthcare delivery operations easy among all participants. The clinical trial project organizer can view all the shipments between the hospital/patient to the research lab or pharma company.

Hospitals and patients can conveniently arrange a pickup through the Healthcare Biz app. Upon logging in, they can choose a research or clinical trial project, specify their preferred date and time for the pickup, and then confirm the scheduling.

The driver will carry out the delivery in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), which involves packaging the items in a preconditioned cold chain box and installing a temperature monitoring device.

The organizers have access to the delivery timestamp and temperature profile throughout the shipment. Additionally, they have the capability to share a tracking link URL with others, allowing them to view without log-in.

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