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How to adopt automated resilience for your pharma supply chain

The pharmaceutical industry has been undergoing a massive shift in recent years as globalization has made supply chain management increasingly complex. With each country having its own regulations and quality standards, diverse production bases and raw material suppliers, and varying shipping times, costs, and environments, managing the pharmaceutical supply chain has become a challenging task.

Manual process control is no longer enough to efficiently manage the pharmaceutical supply chain. It is the perfect time to consider automation. Implementing automated solutions can improve efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the industry.

While many companies have already adopted systems like TMS, Reporting & Dashboards, Alert Systems, and Root Cause Analysis Systems to improve their supply chain management, some have failed to implement AI modeling successfully due to insufficient data collection. To avoid such pitfalls, companies must first collect high-quality data through feature engineering. This involves setting their own AI goals, collecting and controlling the data gathering, and repeating the process until sufficient data is gathered for data transformation and data pre-processing.

s.lab AI Command Center helps to transform the pharmaceutical supply chain by integrating data from various stakeholders such as logistics, packaging, and data logger companies. This integration process goes through data filtering and transformation, enabling the AI to learn by itself. With our technology, companies can implement an AI-based automated resilience solution for their future supply chain.

Our automated resilience solution comprises several components.

The first solution is the Trade-off Analysis System, which uses a company’s digitalized SOPs to provide real-time Plan B in emergencies.

The second solution is optimizing the supply chain using AI & ML, which enables optimal decision-making actions based on internal and external integrated data and behavioral analysis from SOPs.

The third solution is the Resilience System, which can predict the probability of temperature excursion points and estimate the exact time for temperature excursion, allowing for preferred options to come to the fore.

Finally, our Automated Decisions & Actions enable automated decision-making and pre-prepared plans in an emergency. With integrated supply chain management, C-Levels can use our AI Command Center to establish supply chain strategies and anticipate business growth.

In summary, s.lab offers AI technology to solve supply chain problems in the pharmaceutical industry. Our accumulated biopharma experience and know-how helps to maximize business potential through efficient, safe, and sustainable supply chain management.

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